The one where the Blog becomes a Facebook Page

Greetings to my wonderful readers! It is a beautiful Saturday morning and I am feeling rushed. I have a to do list two pages long and have to be at work in an hour. I haven’t been to a bakery in over a week and my summer book list has zero check marks. I’ve picked up another job baking with a local cupcake company which leaves me tired, but incredibly happy. I’ve also started baking privately in people’s homes when I have the chance.

Homemade Napoleons

Homemade Napoleons

In short, I am stretched thin. After thoughtful consideration, I decided to consolidate my writing and social media and will be continuing this blog informally on my Facebook page. I am so pleased with where my life is taking me and want to continue to share my journey, advice, and experience with anybody who continues to find it interesting or informative. I hope you’ll drop by and check out my page: Kelley Ruhl

Kelley Ruhl

About Kelley Ruhl

A new baker in town, getting to know the local bakers and bakeries. Always searching for the perfect cupcake, bread, cookie or pie. Eager to share my insights and reflections on what it takes to be a baker and what Portland has to offer the baked-good obsessed.